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Inside Terrorism: the X-ray Project consists of four 4-sided kiosks and 11 standard wall pieces. The kiosks are constructed from light-weight, hollow aluminum tubes. The X-rays and CT scans hang on the outsides of the kiosks, and there are lights inside the kiosks to illuminate the images. The kiosks are 4-sided, standing light boxes. Two standard electrical outlets are required to power the installation.


The installation can be arranged in a linear pattern (4 kiosks in a line), in a roughly square pattern, or it can be broken up to accommodate available spaces. The footprint of each kiosk is approximately 4’x4’. Because there are images on all four sides of the kiosks, space is required for circulation on all four sides. Ideally there should be 6’ between each kiosk and the walls to allow for circulation - however this can be reduced if necessary to accommodate tight spaces.

Harvard Medical School Installation - Vi
Harvard Medical School Installation - Vi

The X-Ray Project at Harvard Medical School

Composite Person, composed of x-rays of terror victms
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